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Frequently Asked Questions

 This page is split into two sections

1) Frequently Asked Questions relating to ordering/orders placed at AllTheAnime.com
and 2) Frequently Asked Questions about specific titles we release/distribute.


Frequently Asked Questions relating to ordering/orders placed at AllTheAnime.com

1) When is payment for an order taken?

Payment is taken within 24-72 hours following the order being placed. (This applies to both in-stock items and pre-orders.) 


2) When will a pre-order be shipped?

Typically we aim to ship all pre-orders in time for week of release, but is entirely dependent on availability of stock and allocation of stock


3) If I place an order for an in-stock item and a pre-order, will they be sent separately or together?


From Thursday 8th June 2023, any orders placed will be shipped only once all items are available and in stock.


4) How much is postage?

Postage via Royal Mail for UK orders are free. Tracked Shipping is also available at extra cost (see Question 12 for details.)

Shipping to Republic of Ireland (R.O.I.) is also free.


4) Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, our store delivers to many international locations, but there is an extra charge for this - this shipping charge will be displayed at checkout.

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS FROM 26/01/2021: For all non-UK orders placed on our store, UK VAT will be removed from your order at checkout.  Any local import taxes and administrative fees to process these taxes for your country will be charged by the courier shipping your order upon arrival.

It is the customer's responsibility to pay any local taxes and fees to receive their item - Anime Limited are not responsible for any additional charges, and goods which cannot be delivered due to a refusal to pay these taxes will be destroyed and non-refundable.


5) When will an upcoming title be available to pre-order?

Generally a forthcoming title will be listed on our web shop within 1 month of the product being released. There are exceptions to this rule though.


6) What region coding are your releases?

All our releases are typically locked to DVD Region 2 and Blu-ray Region B. These are the default region codings for all hardware in the UK & Ireland. 


7) What language options are there on your releases?

The majority of our releases include English language audio and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles, though there are instances in where a title of ours may not include English language audio.

NOTE: Language options are listed in each product listing on this website. So do please double check before ordering.

8) Where are you based?

       We are based in the UK. Glasgow, Scotland specifically.


9) What currency are orders placed in at your web shop?

We can only charge for products in Pounds Sterling (GBP).
(Please note: for international orders we are not responsible for any additional bank charges that are made because of currency conversion.)


10) Will I get a confirmation email of my order being placed?

Yes. This will be sent to the email address of your account with our site or with the email address input during the checkout process. This confirmation will include your order number.


11) How long does shipping take?

Orders for in stock products are processed and usually dispatched by our fulfilment company within 24-48 hours (working days only). However, we do ask for 5 working days to be allowed for fulfilment for in stock items.

During sale periods, we ask that additional time is allowed for shipment of items due to the volume of orders received - in stock items will be shipped as soon as possible during the time, but your patience is appreciated.

For UK orders, though we anticipate it to be much quicker, we ask to allow up 7 working days for delivery (from when an order had been noted as fulfilled.)

For international orders we ask to allow up 30 days for delivery from when your order has been fulfilled (though we anticipate it to arrive quicker than that.) 

12) Is there a way keep track of the status of my order?

Yes, if you log into your account you'll be able to see the status of your orders. (If your order is shipping via courier with a tracking number, we will supply you with a tracking number you can use to monitor the progress of the delivery.)


13) How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order please send an email to shop.uk@alltheanime.com including your full name and order number with a request to cancel your order. Please note once a product has shipped cancelling an order is not possible. 

NOTE: If more than 30 days has passed since your order was placed payment may need to be refunded via PayPal. Please include the email address linked to your PayPal account when requesting an order cancellation.


14) How do I change my shipping address on an order I've placed?

      To do this please send an email to shop.uk@alltheanime.com, including your order number and the address you want updated.

NOTE: This has to be done prior to a product being shipped. Once a product has been shipped the address cannot be updated. 

15) If a release date changes, will I get a notification of this?

      Where possible, we e-mail customers with news of release dates changes for pre-order products for our own titles.


16) I noticed you're exhibiting at an event I'm attending. Can I place an order at AllTheAnime.com and collect it at the event?

No, this is unfortunately not possible due to data protections laws.


17) What is your returns policy?

We are more than happy to exchange a product, providing it meets the following conditions within 30 days of the order being dispatched for shipping -

~ If you receive a product and there is damage to the outside (casing) of it, we are happy to exchange this for a new for copy you, providing it is still sealed and unopened. To arrange for an exchange for this reason please email 
shop.uk@alltheanime.com with your order number and photos of the damage.

~ If you receive your order and you discover there is damage inside the product after you have opened it for the first time within 30 days of it being dispatched for shipping, we are happy to exchange this for a new one. 
To arrange for an exchange for this reason please email shop.uk@alltheanime.com with your order number and photos of the damage.

NOTE: When arranging an exchange we ask the customer to send the product back to our fulfilment centre in the UK - address will be supplied when you contact shop.uk@alltheanime.com about this. 

The customer must pay the shipping cost to return the item, but this cost will be refunded in the form of a coupon code for use on our AllTheAnime.com web shop or through PayPal.
*Anime Limited/AllTheAnime.com DOES NOT provide pre-paid shipping labels for any returns.*

Replacement copies will only be shipped when the original product has been received at our fulfilment centre - the address for this will be provided once your issue has been reported via our contact form.


18) I have query about my order / I have a question that's not answered above, who should I contact? 

Please send an email to shop.uk@alltheanime.com for all queries. (If your query is about an order you have placed please include your order number and (should it differ) the name the order was placed under.)  

NOTE: Our offices are closed over the weekend. Any queries sent during a weekend may not receive a response until the next working day at the earliest.


Frequently Asked Questions about specific titles we release/distribute 

19) You've released a Ltd Collector's Edition set of [Insert title] will there be a standard edition version?


When we release a Ltd Collector's Edition set (be a Blu-ray only or Blu-ray+DVD set), there will be a standard DVD version available at the same time or shortly thereafter - though there can be exceptions to that. For example, there are some titles that we can only release on Blu-ray.

A standard edition Blu-ray release will follow in the future, but it may be a long time before it can be released. This can happen for a number of reasons, it varies from title to title, but as an example it could be that this was part of the terms of licensing a title.

One case in point was our releases of the series Kill la Kill. Because we released the Ltd Collector's Edition sets, it meant we could bring it to the UK much sooner than waiting for a standard Blu-ray and/or DVD release; which ultimately we were only able to do a few years after the Collector's Edition sets were released.


20) Any news on your release of [insert title]?

All future releases are subject to approvals and being signed off before they can be produced. Sometimes this can take far longer than anyone could anticipate. So it is our policy not discuss specific potential plans for a title until everything has been signed off.

We appreciate it's not ideal for everyone, but the last thing we want to do is announce details of a title prior to it being signed off, only to find our we can't deliver on what was announced.


Information above last updated 6th June 2023.

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